Monday, October 16, 2006

Real Friends

Now I'm not alone ,with you I'm whole ,I gotta let you know ,you got me good...

mood: better than yesterday :)

Listening to: Thank You - Dragon red

Shits happen, I know.

And I realized who my true friends are,

not people who only talk to you

when they need you to mark attendance for them.

Not people who give you a plastic smile when you greet them.

Not people who play pranks on you and never know their limits till they make you cry.

Not people who seem like they care for you,

but when things happen they just give you a sad face and say "owh, poor thing"

and keep going on and on about their own life.

Not people who back off

when you tell them you need their help.

Real friends ...

are people who stick by your side no matter what,

tell you that you are wrong when you are being an arsehole ( but they still love you),

they are people who would stay awake till 4am,

cause they are worried about you.

They are people who would skip class just to make sure you are alright.

They are people who actually keep you so close to their heart,

they could feel your fear,

and feel relieved and proud of you when you solve the problem.

You might not find a lot of real friends in your life,

but a few are more than enough.

p/s: Crystal and Boonie, I love you girls, this post is dedicated to you two :)

muackz and hugz

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