Saturday, October 06, 2007

Even the best fall down sometimes,even the wrong words seem to rhyme,out of the doubt that fills my mind,I somehow find, you and I collide

Listening to: Collide - Howie Day

Random moments of the week:

When that sheep in "Black Sheep" farted and it exploded killing all the other zombie sheep.

When we saw that transexual individual right after watching "I now pronounce you Chuck & Larry".

When I decided to puasa as well.

When we ended up buka-puasa-ing at Subway, actually not that bad what, yummy :)

When we decided to play the dare game in Hartamas. I did a spongebob dance in front of Don's.

When I was angry and depressed and decided to play cards with you guys.

When I was dead bored and decided to ask you out.

When I sang "say a little prayer for you" aloud in college.

When we walked in circle while waiting for the movie.

When I saw that knowing smile on Resh's face.

Best random moment of the whole week:
When I was so bored and had nothing better to do and sent you that friendster comment.

"High five!"

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