Monday, March 27, 2006


Oh well... Finally I have time for blogging. I'm alone at The Web of the main campus, bored, wondering why on earth I'm here, haha... Anyway, been kind of busy lately- Computer Science project, English project ( which we are required to create our own country, now how cool is that!) , Rehearsal for the coming concert, assignments, tests ( wow, I have 3 test this week!), oh yea, and those not-so-exciting-after-the-first-lesson driving lessons. Here's a few thoughts and feelings that has been going on in my mind for the last few weeks:

1. I LOVE MOOOVIIIEEESSS!!! I watched a lot of movies( old and new) these few weeks, for I'm damn bored and lonely at home ( My mum is in Europe now, for 1 month!), and trust me, movies are the best companion. I watched Deep Impact for the second time ( and I didn't realize that Elijah Wood a.k.a. Frodo Baggins is in it!), Pirates Of The Caribbean for the 10th time ( Call me vain bvt I L.O.V.E.
Johnny Depp!), Powder, The Terminal ( My Gosh! Tom Hanks is awesome!), National Treasure, Mean Girls ( AHA! I prefer Rachel McAdams to Lindsay Lohan), and many other more. For new movies, I watched Pink Panther and Tristan and Isolde ( Finally, I know how to pronounce Isolde). The funny thing is , when I walked out of the cinema after Pink Panther I'm laughing like hell; when I walked out from the cinema after Tristan and isolde, I'm crying like hell ( I can be very emo when it comes to movies). Both movies are nice in their own way and I totally enjoyed them. I'm so looking forward to The Da Vinci Code and Pirates Of The Caribbean 2.

2. Should I learn dancing or continue with my Japanese or learn to play drum? There are so many things I want to learn and do, but time is limited, I'm busy with other things. Come to think of it, Life's too short for me to fullfill all the things I want to do and things i want so badly to try! Do you ever felt this way? Life's too short to be in doubt, too short to be afraid of trying, too short to be sober, too short for...well, almost everything I could think of. We never know when will our life ends, there's just so much to do and so little time.

3. I just bought this Dan Brown Books Box Set from Borders, couldn't be more grateful to my mum for giving me that Borders Gift Voucher so I could pay less for that box set! I dunno why but I'm starting to like thrilling-mysterious-crime solving books a lot, and Li-mae, if you are,by any chance, reading this, I love Harry Potter too!!!! Just not as psycho as you, haha! i wonder when is the next book coming out, can't wait for it, but at the meantime, wishing it not to be out too soon, for it will be the last book.*sob sob*

Okieee... wow! what a long post! I should get going now, the bus is coming, blog again some time soon. Wonder what I should have for dinner later, feel like going to 1 utama, MPH after dinner!! Whee....I LOVE FREEDOM!!!!

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