Monday, April 10, 2006

Oh Gosh....

Well, such a long time since I last blogged.Done my projects, concert and some of the assignments.U absolutely would think that I could relax now, well, hell no! I still have tests and my F.I.N.A.L.( I hate to mention this word but I have to).

Anyway, since I don't feel like studying for the last two days, I started reading "Digital Fortress" by a guy I really admire- Dan Brown.U know, people with great creative mind never fail to amaze me, I'm so drawn to their originality(unlike someone who obviously lack of this, Crystal honey, u know who I mean), their ability of creating something different, and the ability of making people change their mind , to make people actually think.I'm still on my way of achieving this but it seems I need to work harder ;)."Digital Fortress" actually make me want to be a cryptographer, their jobs are so interesting!I really should read more bout Crypto.

I went to KLCC that day to have a drink with my mum's friends-one of them Irish and the other Italian.We drank white wine there and I drank with an empty stomuch, and trust me, don't ever do that! Coz after two glasses, I begun to feel dizzy, so I stopped drinking.I found out that the Italian friend of my mum own an Italian Cafe, fancy that!Yummy! Then he have to go back to his Cafe,so my mum, the Irish( His name is John) and I went to Souled Out for dinner.John recommended Lamb Shank so I tried it, it was yummy with the mint sauce and the red wine ( Yea...alchohol again) Well, I soon found out that John have just retired from Scotland Yard and he was a Forensic Scientist there! Whoa, that really blew me away,I love watching CSI and I was lucky enough to meet a real life one! Anyway, according to him, you don't always get interesting cases (like those in CSI tv series) in real life CSI work, but he is definitely used to seeing many dead bodies. He then told me bout all of the more interesting cases he had dealt with, some of them gruesome and some of them absurd.

Well, gotta rush to class , blog some other time soon, tata!

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