Friday, June 09, 2006

Show Me What It's Like To Be The last One Standing

Show Me What It's Like To Be The last One Standing...

Mood: Scared and Confused
Listening To: Why Can't I - Liz Phair

9th June... I bet you people will say " Yea Janice, I know you are going to say World Cup",
but NO! Being Janice, I'm officially announcing.......TODAY IS JOHNNY DEPP'S BIRTHDAY ( by the way he's 43 today ) So guys, celebrate, muakakakakaka...
gosh, how I wish I could say Happy Birthday to him personally.


Anyway, have you ever feel scared and confused at the same time? I am now... I know, to some of my friends , I may seem to be tough all time, but sometimes, I do feel weak inside.
I'm tired, I'm not gonna do anything but let the flow goes, and see where this will lead me to. So people out there, if you feel weak and need to be consoled, no matter if u're a girl or a guy, don't feel embarassed, it's really fine to show your feelings.

Watched "Cars" and "The Omen", "Cars" is really nice, and funny, I really enjoyed it.To me, it's not really a car-toon for young kids, they would probally not get the jokes, it's more like a car-toon for teenagers and adults."The Omen" is ok... there was a few scenes that really freaked me out, but other then that... the story was so-so, i do understand it...couldn't comment a lot on it.

Well,since im tired and confused and scared, im going off to sleep, nope, not gonna watch World Cup tonight, I just don't have the mood for it, good nite people, good nite planet Earth...ZZZzzzzzz.....

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