Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I see pain, i see need,i see liars and thieves abuse power with greed ; i had hope, i believed,but i'm beginning to think i've been deceived...

Mood: Recovered, again.
Listening to : No More Sorrow - Linkin Park

And so the summer semester started.

I realised I'm just not good at blogging bout things that happens in my life, like blogging bout what I did with my friends or what exactly happened during college or my day out. I like to write bout how I feel and little things that inspire me in my life, might sound a little like a poser but yea, that's what I write about.

For instance, I was driving home that day after the photoshoot thing with Tiffany. I switched on my car cd player, My Chemical Romance was in it, "I Don't Love You", those of you who are close to me would know that MCR always reminds me of a certain someone, and so I switch the player to the radio mode. Guess what, Fly fm was playing that exact same song, it's fated I guess,instantly those memories flooded back, and I hummed along to the song. After a short moment of bad singing-along, this thought hits me : usually when I listen to MCR songs, memories will flood and usually me being a cry baby will start tearing... but this time, I thought of all the things that related to him, and I smiled, yea, I smiled not cried. Then I told myself : " Congratulation , you just recovered for good. "

I'm out of rehab.

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