Saturday, August 18, 2007

All you have to do is hold me, and you'll know and you'll see just how sweet it can be If you'll trust me, love me, let me, maybe, maybe...

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That woman! Grrrrr-oaannn.....!!!

10 things I hate about staying with my mum:

1. She waking me up early in the morning by knocking on the door like a mad ram. It's my holiday for god sake! it's not like I can wake up this late when the new semester starts!
Besides, she wakes me up for the most random reasons, for example ,today, she just woke me up and let this guy into my room and spray some smelly thing around my room, I wasn't even awake yet! I later found out that it's some anti-pest thing, she should have let me know earlier right? grrrr....not to forget sometimes she just wake me up so that she can nag me even more... please la, if you're a morning person, so be it, because I'm not a morning person during my holiday! I can't be forced out of bed to get scolding and be happy for the rest of the day, thank you.

2. Forcing me to clear up my brother's mess. I hate it. It's because of this my brother has no sense of responsibility. If i complain, I get more scolding, she'll tell me that he's my brother and I should help. So every single time he leaves tissues, dirty dishes, wrappers and what not around , I have to clean it. Seriously,wtf?

3. Force me to do chores when she knows that I'm not free. Excuse me, who's the one who has all the time in the world cause she's not working now? and who is the one who has college, and she only has a pathetic two weeks holiday? I'll keep my room clean that's for sure, but stop asking me to do your laundry , wash your plates or sweep and mop the floor of your room.Sorry la, I'm not your maid, you can't order me like that, if you want one, get one yourself.

4. She always complain that I go out too much, while she's the one who goes out every night. She also does not let me make my own decision.I'm freaking 20 ok? It's not like I can't take care of myself at all, I'm no longer that little girl who tag around wherever mummy goes , I want my own life too. She very well know that I'm just like her - someone who likes to go out and have her own freedom - then freaking let me be! If she thinks that it's a motherly responsibility to be all overprotective and controlling, someone please let her know that she's very wrong.

5. She complaining about me sticking too many posters and pictures in my room. It's MY room ok? Why can't I decorate it the way I love?

6. She loves to jump to conclusions. I reaaaallly hate this one, this is one of the reasons why I don't really want to talk much to her nowadays. Pisses me off.

7. Pms. She can be all lovely and happy and cool and *insert wonderful traits* for one second, and just when I thought it's safe to talk to her, her gives me a 180 degree change, and become all hot-temper and snappy and *insert bad traits*

8. She treats my friends very very very well, like they are her children and I'm not. Why can't she just be nice to me too?

9. When I need to buy anything or pay for anything, she'll always say : " ask from your dad" or " remember to get the money back from your dad". Sometimes I wonder,how much does she spend on me?
Education? no my dad's supporting me. Groceries and bills and clothes and house rent? no, my dad sends money over every month. Phone bills? no, both my brother's and my line are being paid by my dad's card. Car? She always claim back the expenses from my dad. I seriously pity my dad.

10. Though all these hate, I still love her. Shit la, this mother - daughter bond thing is never going away. You know why I've been avoiding talking to her? Cause we always end up in fights. I mean I know once I transfer to the states the gap between me and my mum is gonna be wider, and I really wouldn't want to make things worst now, that's why I'm avoiding her to avoid fights. In a way, she's slowly pushing me away from her. That's bad.

Sorry to bore you with this ranting of mine, but I just need to, maybe it's the bad anti-pest spray smell.

Please give me a yes, I'm still holding on to the 50% of hope. I think we deserve a chance.

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