Monday, August 06, 2007

Life can show no mercy,it can tear your soul apart,it can make you feel like you’ve gone crazy,but you’re not...

Mood: Awesome Possum!
Listening to : Lost - Michael Buble

Summer Holiday!! Awesome Possum!!!

Celebrated my birthday at QBA @ Westin KL, had a blast there, will post pictures up once I get them from Albert the wacky ape-y monkey.

Oh yea, speaking of Albert, him being his awesome self, he got me a Rubik's cube!

And so I decided to mix it up and start solving. I started with getting the 2X2 cube then I got the 3X2 cube and eventually I got one side all solved without upsetting the 3X2 cube, which means I got a whole layer! I was so excited I called Albert to tell him. Guess what, he then told me that I will need to google for the formula from then on..."F@#%$!" cause there's still no internet connection at my new home ( Oh yea, in case you don't know, I moved to Bandar Utama).

Thank god for Albert the monkey , who sent me the formulas through sms, or else I wouldn't be able to sleep the whole night because it bugs me not solving it. Hahaa.... he asked me to take a photo with it as a proof of me solving the cube by myself for the first time in my life, haha.


Holiday has been good so far,here's what I did:

1. Unpacking and arranging stuff at the new place ( Okay, this wasn't that good, but still, I kind of like my new room.)

2. Drumming improved! Ian, my drum sensei started to teach me songs, I'm learning "chop suey!" by system of a down now, pretty tough, but still I'm glad that I'm starting to play songs.

3. Sinfully splurged, for I got ang pow from relatives for my birthday.I got a dorothy perkins white bag, a zara black silky shorts and a forever 21 tee that says "more candy less war" :) sorry la, I'm a girl what, sure get excited over new purchase one k?

4. Hanging out with Tiff. She's leaving soon :( Sayang came to my place that day and helped me on unpacking, then we went to the curve to settle her farewell thing

5. Rubik's cube! hahaha

6. Bummed and bummed and bummed, oh wait, I still have 3 dvds to watch!

okay gonna go and bum somemore now, ciiaaooo...


-MaDCaT- said...

we can watch transformers when the next sem starts, monday maybe??
there'll be less people, so it'll be like watching in a private cinema, then you can show your emotions without feeling ashamed. Trust me, you can't stay still when you're watching it.
I was damn emotion-ful and the cinema was packed, shy lar...haha

missorangedepp said...

Yea sure, cool :)
I'll definitely ..erm... show my emotions, hahahaa..... hahahaa....

-MaDCaT- said...

when are you going to taiwan??
are you gonna see jay chou???
if you do, please ask him for his autograph??
tell him i'm his no1 malaysian fan....