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Is it possible to put this night to tune, and move it to you?

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hey wassup..Ramco here.i'll be your guest blogger for this time.Its my first time blogging so excuse me for my lameness..Since she is too lazy to blog for MY BIRTHDAY day out..i was like "you know what, i'll do it".

The day started like every other day..woke up, check my computer and she was already nudging me on messenger "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!....NUDGE!!" .haha...ok, it's my birthday...finally...after going through a stale year of 2007, i do deserve some nudging. And man, i cant believe that im 20..can even hear my bones cracking already..damn..i need a cane already..haha

So she decided to pick me up and reminded me to bring the camera so she can blog about it when she got home...errr..okie..haha. Rule#1, u do not let a guy like me sit next to u when youre driving. Rule#2, u do not let a guy like me sit next to u if he has a camera on his hand. This is what happened

"whee!! Happy birthday!"

", im driving la..cut it out.."

"i mean like seriously..."

So we went for lunch at little penang and were really pissed off with all the people around since its like so packed and everyone is taking their time walking slowly...strolling around and not letting people pass..if we accidentally brush up against them they will stare at u with that strange look even though we said sorry...damn idiots..sayang was like "@$#@%^...damn uncles and free..go home la??Am i missing something here??".Suddenly, she was like "oh..50%!!" wonder...hmm..

So we decided to bail klcc and head to pavillion..hmm..quite a bad idea rite? we arrive there i looked at her and she smiled..yesss..more people..just what we we were like..fine..lets just go in...luckily on the upper stairs there were not that many people..phew..i can predict that all the uncles in boxers and flip flops and aunties who just woke up and didnt shower were hogging j co's since i can see j co's boxes everywhere..hahaha

Pavillion was great..we walked up and down and looked through the shops that was available there..i was quite surprised with the selections of hoodies that they offer there this need to go shopping..

i want this kewwl

Apparently the shop just opened a few days..they didnt have any mirrors at all..and the fitting room was closed as we decided to take every picture of clothes to see whether it fits..haha..u know us...

too big..

too corny??

we realized that we cant take any pictures inside a clothing shop...sorry

She kept asking me what do i want to eat for dinner since shes buying me dinner..hmm..she offered chilli's..but...klcc..alot of people..hmmm..i'll pass..i know!!..lets eat something random...treat me food at jalan alor..hahaha..she thought that i was joking but looking at my serious face.."okie..i can do that..thats random".yea..u know instead eating chillis..lets have a feast..haha

i thought we ordered not that much but it will totally hit u when u finished all the food and realize that u cant stand up..that was orgasmic i tell u..literally the best birthday i have ever had..

she didnt finished her rice..


this is what happens when youre too full..

wait for it..

there u go.

We decided to have shisha after dinner at ampang to chill abit since we were too full and after that she drove me home, wished me happy birthday again and she left.That was seriously the best birthday experience that i have ever had.Good food,great surroundings,Great gal. i love u babe..thats all from me..cheers

Janice: My fav picture of ramco hahaha

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