Thursday, November 29, 2007

I dont want to miss one smile,I dont want to miss one kiss,I just want to be with you,right here with you, just like this

mood: tired.
listening to: I don't want to miss a thing - aerosmith

This has got to be the most tiring week ever. Speech, Music and communication cramp together, can die ok? At least I have settled the previous two, and now I only have communication to work on, 1500 words essay and a presentation based on it by tomorrow, can die also ok? I'm gonna blog now and work on it later, because the queen of procrastination said so, and I am the queen of procrastination.

Was playing msn "sudoku too" with sayang (the guy one) just now at Starbucks, there was this bunch of guys next to my table. One of the guy said loudly "Dating girl ah? Only the first month need to say things like 'i would die for you' or 'you jump I jump' one la! after you get into her pants, then don't need to care so much d one" Well , he thought that I'm listening to songs on my comp with my earphones on, the truth is I wasn't playing any song at that time so I heard every damn thing he said.

Then his friend said that he skipped class yesterday for his girlfriend. Then the jerk said "I'm not hanginig out with you anymore jor, where can guy skip class for girl one? I never skip class for girl before , u know why? because they all will skip class to see me" I'm sorry but at this point I was already very disgusted by him, you have no idea how fugly he looks, I wondered to myself which stupid girl would skip class to see him when the lecturer might be even more good looking then him.

A girl then walked into Starbucks buying a drink, he ogled her up and down and said to his friend "You want to borrow my car and money to take your girlfriend out right? ask her for her number for me then I borrow you." The friend just smiled embarassingly, for the guy was talking really loud.

Hey Mr. Big Shot, if you are so great why not you go ask for her number yourself, and stop whistling when any decent girl walk in or saying degrading statement about women . Seriously I wonder who would date you, you fugly sexist! Oh and for johnny sake can you speak softly? This is starbucks not pasar malam!


I got baby started playing sudoku and he's enjoying it, hahaha... man I tell you this game is addictive. Speaking of him, his birthday is this coming saturday, greet him happy birthday here if you want to :)

Holiday coming soon, can't wait. Flying back to Hong Kong on the 9th and coming back on the 16th. Then langkawi on the 27th till 30th. After that , flying off to buffalo on the 4th of january.... gosh, that is fast. Yes baby I heard you, krispy kreme from hong kong, roger that.


Some time ago I was watching all the britney spear videos, from Baby One More Time to Gimme More. What happened to this girl?

I miss her old self, but then again, she's a grown up and she can make her own choice to be what she choose to be, but I can't help but wonder , is she happy? Is it her own fault that she became like what she is now? or the paparazzi? or the pressure? If she could get back the kind of power she had when she was on stage back then, the kind of dance she could do and the kind of song that instantly got stuck in my mind once I heard it, I wouldn't mind getting her album again, or get tickets to her concert.

I want to see you dance like a pro again, not that crappy performance you did in VMA, you were so lost like you have no idea what you were doing on stage.

Wake up britney, there's so much more in you.

You, you who are reading, what do you think?


albert said...

Don't forget some donuts for me too! And uh my Wallace & Gromit DVD.

missorangedepp said...

haha.. okie doke alberty! hehe

Anonymous said...

i want to try krispy kreme too :p

well...britney...i used to like her so much..yeah the baby hit me one more time era...seriously i think she's such a waste...i have no idea what she has turned to and why :( Wat happened to the girl-next-door image? perhaps when u r famous n rich, other things become a concern - for survival sake.

well...we can just wish her luck in the future.

ms alice

missorangedepp said...

Haha... ms Alice! okie, fine, i'll try to bring back more krispy kremes :) yea, god knows how will she be in the future, but please dun let her kill herself one day , coz she looks like she on her way to that.