Sunday, January 06, 2008

we will fall together from the building's ledge,never looking back at what we've done,we'll say it was love

mood: i miss you.
listening to : skyway avenue - we are kings

Here I am writing from New York. Buffalo is a cute city, everything is flat, not many tall buildings around and lots of snow. Well it looks boring, but somehow I love its simplicity, and people are pretty nice so far. I went pass my uni yesterday since it's on the way to my apartment, it's really near, I could walk there, but that will take 15 minutes and it's cold out there, like below zero degree celcius kinda cold, so i think I'll just take the shuttle to uni.

I had my first meal ever in Buffalo last night, pizza! Pizzas here are huge! Alvin is staying in my housemate's room (yuen leng's) at the moment, till either tiff or yuen leng is back, so he's been taking care of me. He and i are suppose to be having brunch now with Zul and the others, but alvin is still sleeping. I have no idea how I woke up so early, maybe I slept too much on the plane and I had a 4-hour nap yesterday afternoon.

So things are pretty awesome so far, will update more soon. Oh shit , still got the prevous stuff to blog about, oh well...

baby, i miss you.

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