Friday, February 08, 2008

I don't want to wait for our lives to be over I want to know right know what will it be

mood: happy

listening to: i don't want to wait - paula cole

So life in Buffalo so far has been good, had lots of fun time with friends here and fun experiences. Has my share of down time as well cause i just miss him too damn much and there are things about myself that i just need to reflect on.

I started working on campus last week, and I took up extra shifts this week because I want to make more money so i can have some savings for myself to spend and yet not spend so much of my dad's money. Tiffany's working at where i'm working at as well. It's tiring but it is actually fun working there, seriously. It's worth the hardwork for they pay me pretty well, ka-ching.

As i promised , here are lots of pictures to kill ur modem:

My bed...

This is the other side of the room

I shall introduce my friends here...

This is Alvin. Compare the pizza to his size, yea, pizzas here are huge.

This is Zul.

Zul, Arcky and Ganesh.

Kelvern and Yuen Leng. Yuen Leng's my lovely housemate

At Forever 21.

Yuen Leng cooked for me hehehehe...

She just got her camera that day so she was very happy. This was taken at Gin Gin's , our fav place for chinese food here.

Yuen Leng, Tiffany ,Sarah and moi before Stefano's Birthday party.

Stef-who u asked? That's him over there, next to him is Nithya, his girlfriend. Nithya cooks really well

Us being stupid yet still look good haha

Sarah, Yuen Leng & Rie in the car. Never put a bunch of girls at the back seat of a car, this is what will happen.

IHOP (international house of pancakes) can beat Paddington house of pancakes anytime

Curry Chicken at Gin Gin's. It actually pretty good, not really spicy but it's good cause i can't really take spicy food anyway.

Prawns in fried eggs, yummy.... Yuen Leng, I want to go to gin gin now

Gin gin's bubble tea can beat a lot of bubble tea store in Malaysia. You can actually taste the tea, unlike some bubble tea place sells powdered and watered down bubble tea which sucks.

One fine day, smartypants Tiffany suggested that we should wear bikinis in the snow and eat ice cream.

proudly taken by me ahahaa, Adrian you suck!

We rock Buffalo's socks off.

Cold Stone sells good ice-cream. They need good spokeperson. We need sponsorship for ice-cream. According to logic, Cold Stone should get us to be their spokepeople.

While waiting for the Green Line. What's the Green Line you ask? Wait I'll show you

THE green line, the bus that take us to and fro from uni to where yuen leng parks her car.


When there's snow, you have to scrape ice or snow off your car.

Oh, and that's Jonathan. Yea they were scraping the snow while im in the car ahhaha.... sorry la, got two scraper only and I was cold so yuen leng asked me to wait inside hehe

We went to check out some baby clothing at the Fashion Outlet Mall near Niagara falls. Erm, that's actually a baby skirt on yuen's head.

Those are her crazy side.

And this is her pretty side.

Yea, they are my housemate and my neighbour.

The Gorgeousness of Sarah. Sarah so want to steal my camera, taalalaluuluulaaa...

See what he sent me? it even smell like him, but baby, next time write my name in front.

Okay, this should be it, if your modem is still ok then congratulation, if not then get a new one. I need to go study for tomorrow's test, there are two of them, arrggghhh... but luckily no work tomorrow because I have used up my 20 hours of work per week, yea, I'm working hard so i can get a nintendo wii and guitar hero you see?

I have a few post coming up though, so check often, I promise you if you appreciate nice fashion potraits, you'll love it.

I love you baby, and I miss you a hell lot. Come here fast, I need you.


albert said...

Wow pizza!

You're gonna come back rolling, a chubby possum. :D

P.S. you need to turn on flash for those outdoor snow shots.

missorangedepp said...

Nooo, im not gonna be a fat possum!

p/s: why?

albert said...

Flash for outdoor snow shots because if not you'll be almost as dark as shadow (as the pictures show.)