Sunday, March 23, 2008

A memory remains, just a tiny spark, I give it all my oxygen, to let the flames begin.

mood: bored.
listening to: let the flames begin - paramore

I've been thinking lately, that where do I stand, when it comes to the evaluation men always make on the idea of an ideal woman. My conclusion to it was, screw it, there's no such thing as an ideal woman.

The traditional ideal woman has to have a hot body, a pretty face, knows how to cook, dresses well, does housework well, feminine and all that jazz, and I'm nothing like that. Now I'm not saying that I'm denying this idea of an ideal woman simply because I am not like that, but there is so much more to the meaning of being a woman than just being that.

There's no ideal when it comes to being a woman, every single one of us is different, we are individuals. The question is should we conform to the traditional typical idea of an ideal and not be ourselves, or should we embrace our differences and individualism? If you ask me, all of us are ideal women, we are all special in our own way and deserve all the best thing in the world.

I love blasting rock music in my room, my room is sometimes messy, I don't really cook for i enjoy other people's cooking, I only do house chores when I feel like it (which is very rare), I am not skinny and delicate, I'm blur, I'm not feminine, my skin is bad, I don't really know how to put make up on my face, I love designing clothes, I love adventures, I don't shower more than once a day, I don't speak and laugh softly, I'm loud, I'm lame, I'm not the typical girl that you would like.

I'm just me. I'm ideal to me.

I'm sick at seeing all the women trying to look and act like each other, I need variation. I do get side-tracked once in a while, being someone I'm not, but hey , I am always back on track to become who I want to be and I am learning not to care what people think.

Think. conform or non-conform?


Sean said...

Hello Ms. Tong,

How's it going?

Interesting post you have here. What probably triggered a post like this was the realization that men ARE disgusting creatures. lol.

I suppose that being ideal to one, in a slight way goes like the saying 'beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder'. its similar to how when you're so in love with a person that you learn to love and accept his/her flaws and his/her differences from the world etc.

i suppose that theoretically, there isn't such a thing as an ideal woman/man. what brings one to being ideal in the eyes of another is a simple little thing called love :)
look at the infamous tiffany, my darling ex girlfriend whom i am still very much in love with, despite all we've been through, the pain and heartache, i've NEVER, not till now, for a second, NOT see her as THE IDEAL one :)

anyways, i hope you're holding up well in the states. i've to get off to studying for once.

do take care. God bless :)

missorangedepp said...

yea sean , exactly what i think, who set the standards anyway.

like ramco loves me , for who i am , no matter how other people could dislike me, he still love me and im thankful for that.

im doing fine here, standing my ground.

hopeu're doing fine there too, take care :)