Sunday, November 26, 2006


Keep Ya Head Up High, Feet Down Low And Follow Your Heart

Mood: Im Fine
Listening To: Im'ma Shine - Youngbloodz (Step Up Soundtrack)

Warning: This Post is gonna contain lots of pictures,
so if you don't like it
then buzz off.

Me, Justin and Amy, last sem. Justin, I miss you, come back fast.

Suel-A , I miss you too, come visit us k?

Went back to my old school to perform, met with a lot of old school mates

then I saw him, he used to be my little brother, then he stopped talking to me after some misunderstanding. He came up to me that night and told me that he actually missed me, and he apologized. Couldn't explain how touched I was.

Benji ,Crystal and my Finger, love you both, also, not to forget

Michelle!! And Nicola too, but sorry la babe, I don't have your picture.

Uthzz...'s shoulder, muakakakka..... love ya daddy!

Crystal and her imaginary friend,haha... went to Ikea with her that day. Love hanging out with her .

My kitchen , kindly ignore the price.

she likes the heart so much she literally ordered me to take the picture

Random fitting room camwhoring

Isn't he the most gorgeous thing ever?

When he smokes...

When he gets an award...

Even when he's put into a funny costume...hahahaha....I love Johnny :)


sakuranbo said...

awww, you look so sweet in all of those pictures. comer to think of it, i have one photo shot of myself where i had my smile on that looked almost exactly like your smile...

i don't quite have the URL link with me now though...

Missorangedepp said...

Hehe, thanks sakura cyan...i want to see that pic!!! muz show me kay? haha... miss ya , muackz

sakuranbo said...

hehe yah i will! =) i think i like posts with plenty of pictures. bring in more of them photos!

Missorangedepp said...

hehehe... i will i will :)