Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I love it

Hold My Hand And Let Me Know That You Feel Me Too ,Look Into My Eyes And Tell Me Baby I Love You

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This post is dedicated to all the people in theater class.
No, I'm not a student of that class, but I helped out a bit during their finals.
The plays were awesome,
the amount of effort they put into it was amazing,
and the outcome was like "whoa!".
to me,
helping them out is like watching a play,
a different kind of play,
a play about how people who don't know each other well,
get together ,work together and putting things together.
What's important is not the outcome,
it's the process of it that made all these worthwhile,
that made this memorable.
enough of this emo shit,
here's some pics I took today:

Daddy Uthzz and Me, before he applied eyeliner for his pirate role (Johnny Depp!)

Mabel, our professional make-up artist, and may sze, as babara... love the hair, suits the character perfectly,hehe

Nicola, as the princess, having her hair curl, while Michelle, the queen, watches. Oh yea, Michelle looks good with the nice make up :)

Isa, acting as Frankie Fong Fei Kei, and Me. Don't know what happened to me, and don't know why Isa and that cute expression. His hair is specially styled to fit the character, hahahahaha... couldn't stop laughting when I first saw it. Better take a second look pal, you wont get to see him having his hair like that anymore ;p

So that's all for theater.

My little brother, Charlez and Me, the ultimate best sister in the world! *ahem ahem*

Oh well,

was having dinner with him that night. Hmm... Charlezie, you look like a girl here, hhahahaaha... you take good care of yourself kay? Hugz


I love it when you do that to me, it gives me butterfies and I kept smiling the whole day

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bodicea said...

awww...lookie Isa...

heh, theater was fun alright, even for me.