Saturday, November 18, 2006


You Tryin, Admit It ,But You Just Can Fight The Feelin Inside
Mood: Feel like going clubbing
Listening To: Get Up - Ciara ft. Chamillionaire
I know I've blogged about this before but I'm gonna do it again
My Definition Of Sexy:
* People who are creative
*People who are original
*People who are serious about their profession
*People who are comfortable with how they look
*People with nice eyes
*People who are sophisticated
*Johnny Depp driving an orange Mini Convertible
now that's sexy,
not skinpy outfit, not stick thin body,
Not big boobs or nice arse.
Went to two open houses,
Aunty Nora's and Raof's.
Was talking a lot with Litim at Aunty Nora's,
Thx to Litim, I didn't feel bored.
Raof's was fun as well,
met up with Sharlyn and the other Tmn Tun people.
I find that going to open houses
is a good way to catch up with those friends you haven't met for a long time.
Oh yea,
before I forget,
Boat House@ Tmn Tun is good,
as in the food is good,
if you could,
try the chocolate fondue for dessert,
it doesnt come in huge serving,
but it's satisfying.
It's served with strawberries and marshmellows,
the best part is,
the chocolate is spiked with Brandy,
I should have licked the glass.


Sakuragan-a-bun said...

i like your definition of 'sexy' =)

OrangeGal said...

hehe Thx :) Sakura cyan is sexy

sakuragan said...

:"> naaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! no way!

Missorangedepp said...

Yes way yes way, u are la!!!