Sunday, January 07, 2007

A - Z Survey

The Littlest Things That Take Me There,I Know It Sounds Lame But It's So True,I Know It's Not Right, But It Seems Unfair,That The Things Are Reminding Me Of You...

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A ~ Z

A- Available: Yes, I'm single and available, still waiting for that perfect someone
to sweep me off my feet and say that he loves me
A - Age: 19 going on 20... Gosh, now only I realize that I'm entering the 20's of
my life... time is sure flying pass fast.
A - Annoyance: My mum's nagging... serious, I can't stand it.
B - best friend: Yea I have a few, and they know who they are ;)
B - Best feature: I think everyone's best feature is his/her smile. Well everyone
looks good with a smile
B - Beer: I used to hate beer, I still remember my dad used to feed me beer foam and
i hated it. Now, I drink it socially and I prefer Heineken.
B - Birthday: 30th July! My favorite month of the year. I share birthdate with Hilary Swank and Mr. Terminator himself.
C - Crush: Shh.... promise me you'll tell no one k? It's....JOHNNY DEPP!!! hahhaa...
C - Car: My Sweet little Myvi, which takes me everywhere I want to go, can't complain :)
C - Candy: is great comfort food.
D - Day or night: Breezy Day and Starry Night
D - Dream Car: Gimme an orange mini cooper convertible please...
D - Dogs or Cats: Dogs AND Cats
E - Egg nog: Nope, thank you very much.
E - E-mail: Damn, this reminds me that I forgot to e-mail my dad!
F - Favorite color: Duh... Orange baby, Orange.
F - Favorite Band(s): I listen to anything that sounds good to me, at the moment, the bands that I listen to the most are The Sounds, New Found Glory and +44 (Travis Barker!)
G – Greatest achievement: To be able to vibrate my eyeballs? Yes, I'm serious, I could do that.
G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Both! Just don't give me those banana flavoured ones,yuck. Oh yea, I also love Cola Bottle Gummies
H - Hair Color: Black.
H - Height: 3 years ago it was 170cm, measured it during PE class, havn't measured it after that.
H - Happy: is what mood i want to be in now.
I - Instrument: I'm a drummer-to-be!
I - Idol: why not you guys make a wild guess? hahaha... yeeaaaa rite! Johnny Depp!
J - Jewelry: I love those one-of-a-kind funky ones, or else I just don't wear any.
J - Job: I always wanted to be a fashion designer, but my family opposed my designer dream,but I'm not giving up.
J - Jail: I've never been to one, would love to visit the ever so famous Alcatraz
K - Kids: Adorable! Don't you ever dare abusing one!
K - Kickboxing or karate: hmm... don't you think it would be interesting to have a fusion of these two?
L - Longest Car Ride: It was the ride from San Francisco to Vancouver...when I was 7 i think
M - Milk Flavor: Normal please. I occationally drink those chocolate flavored ones, only when I feel a bit kiddish.
M - Most missed memory: buying those yummy curry fishballs when I was a kid in Hong Kong, my high school hostel life, those tight hugs he gave me, that moment we took that perfect family potrait, and yes...Langkawi :)
M - Movie Last Watched: The Guardian... I loved it!
N - Number of Siblings: Only my not-so-little little brother, he's damn tall
N - Number of Tattoos: none at the moment
N - Nickname: I have a lot!
O - One wish : To meet Johnny Depp
O - One regret: No point looking back now
P - Pick a number: erm...7
P - Piercings: I'm not going to get a lot of piercings now, it's so typical
Q - Quick or Slow?: I like both, depends on occations and my mood
R - Reason to smile: Since when we need a reason to smile? I smile when I feel like it
R - Reality TV Show: I only watch them when I manage to catch one while browsing through the channels
S - Song Last Heard: Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne. I love this song.
T - Time you woke up: 11 something
T - Time Now: 2.06am, according to my not so accurate PC clock
T - Time for bed: Whenever I feel like it
U - Unpredictable: I could be, except the I love Orange and Johnny Depp part. Well that's me, if I love something, it's very obvious, I say it out loud.
V - Vegetable you hate: CUCUMBER!!! I hate cucumber! There was this time I accidentally ate some, I felt like puking,urgh! However, I don't mind pickles with burger.
V - Vacation spot: Places with nice beaches
W- Worst habit: erm... procrastinating? guilty.
W- Where are you going to travel: Anywhere I feel like going
X - X-Ray: Twice. Once of my spine and the other one of my lungs.
Y - Year it is now: 2007!
Z - Zoo Animal: Should either be free or well taken care of.
Z - Zodiac Sign: I'm a leo...ROAR!!!!!


Little things like a tight hug reminds me of you.


Sakuranbo said...

Opps... HAPPY NEW YEAR. LOL how rude of me to forget that. This is an interesting entry. what's happening over at your side of the neighbourhood, jan?

Missorangedepp said...

I'm good here my dear sakura cyan.College just started,this is going to be an exciting semester... hey, you're playing in another band again,nevermind, if you have a gig tell me k? I won't ask why you're changing constantly, but I believe that you have your own reasons k? hugz