Sunday, January 21, 2007


And I don't wanna hear you tell yourself ,that these feelings are in the past ,you know it doesn't mean they're off the shelf, because pain's built to last

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"Darren picks up the maple syrup and waves it in front of my face. I put my hand up, blocking out the view of him pouring it over his toast and bacon.
'Man, that's disgusting,' I say.
'Over two hundred million people can't be wrong.'
I smile. "So why don't you eat with chopsticks? Over two billion people can't be wrong.' "
~ Sophie,"The Murderers' Club" by PD Martin

so... two hundred million people in the States eat bacon with maple syrups.
Well, it might taste good... haha
should try it one day.

But what Sophie said is true,
so what if a majority of people are doing the same thing,
or a tradition,
it doesn't mean that the thing they do is the only right way, or good way.
I remember hearing an Italian said,
"We Italian don't put pineapples on our pizza."
but why not?
Aloha Chicken is still my favorite pizza choice,
extra cheese please :p

yea, so crystal,
there's nothing wrong with me dipping my kaya&butter toast into sambal belachan!
And Jien,
There's nothing wrong with me eating my butter toast with Ketchup!!

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