Thursday, January 04, 2007


Keep Holding On... Cause You Know We'll Make It Through, We'll Make It Through...
Mood: Sober
Listening to : Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne


yea... a brand new year...
didn't have a good start though.
Don't worry ,
I'm hanging on, Standing strong.
Shattered but not broken ;)

So let's see...
Langkawi was awesome, wish it never had to end
That's me , Charlie and Limae. We kayaked to this island with a beautiful beach. Did I mention I love beaches?

The Girls: Limae, Fiona, me and Sharlyn... Ching was not in the pic, busy talking with g or hengjoon i think, I couldn't remember

I don't have the picture of the guys as a whole, as you can see, there's Sarv mixing drinks, Benny behind there, then Isa and I

The Girls again, this time with Black

That's Darren, Benny, Sarv, Fiona(can't be seen in the pic) and I playing black jack on the bus

I don't have pictures with Raof, Daniel,Ching , G and Hengjoon

I'm gonna miss sharing rooms with you guys,

I'm gonna miss drinking in the afternoon and got high,

i'm gonna miss drinking all night long and going to the beach after that,

I'm gonna miss climbing over the reception counter to get toilet keys and room keys at 3am,

I'm gonna miss kayaking and playing games on the beach,

I'm gonna miss Ikan Pari hunting,

I'm gonna miss the stars, the lucky charms (Isa , Limae ,me and a silver spoon), the scooter rides , texas, everything.


I'll Hold On

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sakuranbo said...

aww, hang in there jan *huggles* sakuranbo may not be able to be there all the time, but she's there for you if you need any help at all. dont take the whole "good start" or "bad start" too hard on yourself. What's most important is that you realise that there are people around you who love you heaps.

lotsa luv,