Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I will not kiss you, cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.

mood: missing someone badly
Listening To: Cancer - My Chemical Romance

How could I be so stupid?
Waited at aisle C and you were at E or F, haha...
Do you know?
That feeling which I cannot pen down when you said:
"I already boarded the aerotrain..."
I couldn't hold back my tears.
but thank god,
you came back for me,
and also thanks to those kind immigration people,
I was able to pass you those tissues...
I promised myself not to cry,
but I just couldn't help it but to let it out
when you hugged me and kissed me on my forehead.
Also , thanks Tiffany,
if it wasn't for her,
I wouldn't have met you.
From the moment you walked pass through the immigration again
up till now,
I couldn't help it but to replay all those time we had together.
Thursday night.
You calling me Jasmine.
Us singing to MCR.
Us singing to Fergelicious , your fav part is the gym part.
Your kisses and hugs.
Stranger Than Fiction.
Chit chatting with them at the park till morning.
Mid Valley.
Topshop and Zara.
Coffee Bean.
Those meaningful talk we had.
You waiting for me outside of the toilet though I asked you not to.
You waiting for me outside my drum class though I didn't expect you to.
Your smile.
The way you look at me.
The way you kept quiet and smile when everyone was teasing us.
Dancing RnB though they are playing crappy trance and still had fun.
Petrol Staion.
They way you smell.
The way you look for me from the immigration counter.
The way you look at me one last time.
Do take care of yourself there,
and I'll be fine here,
don't you worry.
Hugz and Muackz.
And yes,
I will miss you .

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