Saturday, March 03, 2007

I've been looking for someone to shed some light,not somebody just to get me through the night.

Mood: relaxed
Listening to: Way back into love - Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett/Drew Berrymore

This post is dedicated to Tiff.


*~ is the girl I didn't bother to get to know more in my first year of Taylor's ADP

*~ is the girl who was close to this girl who was close to me,copied me, then dumped me, then sucked up to her, then copied her, then dumped her as well saying that she think she's on par with Tiff... nevermind if you don't get what I mean, tiff knows, but that bitch was the reason we didn't get close at first and also one of the reason we got close in the end.

*~ is the girl who got me into a lot of wild nights.

*~ is the girl who has a supply of shoes for all the girls in ADP.

*~ is the girl who I was with when we had our first tire-punctured situation.

*~ is the girl who accompanied me talking at a mamak the whole night and drove me to the airport to send him off in the end.

*~ is the girl who I share a lot of songs with.

*~ is the girl who was sort of the cause of me hitting a tow truck.

*is the girl who made out with wankit* (name changed for privacy purpose),who clearly said that he doesn't have a girlfriend. The next day a psycho girl called her the claiming that she's his girlfriend, which we later found out that she's not. Whoo... damn dramatic.

*~is the girl who is always there for me when I feel like shit.

*~ is the girl who took me to church, and got me to stand up while a whole church-lot of people clapped for me, thinking that I'm going to church from then on.... I'm not even a christian.

*~ is the girl who made a poster for Rain's concert saying that she got his baby, and included her phone number on it. This caused lame people calling her from everywhere, for a pic of her holding the poster went on to some korean newspaper. Now I have a friend who is famous in Korea, awesome possum la deh!

*~ is the girl who is immune to alchohol. Someone get her high please.

*~ is the girl who would come all the way to college to see me even though she already graduated from it.

*~ is the girl who I was with when we saw this gigantic snake in the middle of the road in the middle of the night.

*~ is the girl I will always stand up for.

I love ya Tiff.

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