Monday, April 16, 2007

A thousand clever lines unread on clever napkins , I will never ask if you don't ever tell me, I know you well enough to know you never loved me.

Mood: Irritated
Listening To: Cute without the "E" - Taking Back Sunday

Guess what, someone stole my business communication final report , and now I have to do it again.

I know, what the f**king f*ck hell right?

My deadline for passing up the report again is tomorrow morning at 7am, I love you Mr. V, I love you. Luckily Tiff helped me by writing the intro, you don't know how grateful I am.

As for those of you who are close to me would know that it has been a few really tough , stressful weeks for me. However, thanks to stress, I found my 10 favorite stress relievers...

1. Heroes
- I can't explain why everytime I watch it I become very happy.

2. Jello
- i love them, they makes me happy, yummy. Come to think of it, I only ate jello last night for dinner, no wonder I woke up hungry this morning.

3. Reading blogs
- I got friends who blog bout interesting, entertaining stuff.

4. Blogging
- well, maybe my posts aren't that interesting, but blogging is like letting out your thoughts, which is good for stress relieving.

5. Johnny Depp
- you have no idea how amazing my desktop/wallpaper looks now, everytime I look at it I fall for Johnny even more.

6. Funny songs
- songs like Bananaphone and Lollipop lift my spirit, especially bananaphone, damn funny and catchy.

7. Sleep
- something that I need badly, my dark circles are like my best friends, they never leave me.

8. Clubbing
- drinks, dance, music, fun people, hilarious stories... what more can a stressed girl ask for?
9. Stoning
- it IS a great stress reliever, I'm serious.

10. Procrastinating
- come to think of it, stress relieving is like an excuse for procrastinating, isn't it? Well, that doesn't stop me from blogging though the freaking work is due at 7am.

So yea , that's about it, gonna go back to more typing.
Bleh... I want Jello.


xXx MaDCaT xXx - a green horn at blogging... said...

orange kisses....hmmm....
why the hell do i look funny with my smiling face???
dun get it...
i hope Heroes doesn't end up like Lost...
Dr House is still better... hugh laurie rox...
Hayden Penetrateieeree is cute...
Ali Larter is hot...


missorangedepp said...

Whoa that was fast right? I just posted it for it a few minutes.hahaha....I don't know,you look so funny when you smile, it's a compliment kay?
Yea, I hope the whole thing is gonna be good. House is good :) Milo Ventimiglia is cute tooooo! and I totally agree that Ali Larter is damn chat hot!

Chang said...

i'm hurt... i'm not included in the ten things that helps u relieve stress :(

missorangedepp said...

Aww... Pau... you know you always are... :)Friends are at all time stress relievers, and therefore they are omnistress-reliever, and so couldnt be compared to anything. hahaha....

Tiffany Toh said...

yea, what about me? poor me.. poor lil tiffany.. hardly mentioned..
tiffany *pouts* and *whines*..

*sorry bout the *whines*.i've been spending way to much time with sean..

missorangedepp said...

Like I said , friends couldn't be counted in, coz you guys are above all the rest. Tiff you should stop being with Sean, or else you will become as whine-ny as he is