Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well maybe I'll put my love on ice,and teach myself, maybe that'll be nice, yeah.

Mood: bored.
Listening to : Black math - the white stripes

I believe I did blog about my theater 102 play - the Cubicles, yea, so here are the pictures.

The poster.

Welcome to Buckingham Pt. Ltd.

I'm Sarah, the office -gossip-coffee-addict, hhaha...

Jolin is Debbie, the sexually deprived perfectionist. Well that guy whose head is on the supposingly photocopy machine is Dennis ,playing Charlie, who's the office metrosexual. Charlie & Debbie are always fighting against each other.

Catfiiiiggghhhttt in the office, wooohoo...

Yugi is George, the boss.

Sarah loves to eavesdrop, she really really does.

Isa is Joseph , the boss's spoilt son.

Daryl is James, the gay personal assistant of the boss.

Miki is Tiffany, the office flirt & Estee is Margaret, the controlling wife of Manuel.

Jennifer is the Vice President, the one whom the whole office couldn't get in touch with and all the competitions between the employees to take her place started because of this.

Navvin is Manuel, the funny Mexican. He was the star of that day for his potrayal of Manuel was real good.

Raihan is Ms. Bullakh, whom we passionately call Ms. "Bollocks" . She's the rich Arab lady who is our troublesome difficult bitchy client.

Last but not least, the very awesome possum Mr. Vijaya.

The cast of The Cubicles, gonna miss this play a lot, I had so much fun.

To those who came for the play, thank you so much for supporting and I hope that you guys enjoyed the play :)

Owh... I miss shouting "Maanuueeellll....."


albert said...

Haha, Jolin actually looks cute here.

missorangedepp said...

hahhahah yea :p