Thursday, July 19, 2007

Work it harder make it better do it faster makes us stronger.

Mood: Restless.
Listening to: Harder.Better.Faster. Stronger. - Daft Punk

This is Albert. My Bestari Indomee + gigs + ponytail + Rubik cube buddy. Thanks a whole bunch to him, I can show you faithful readers some pictures. You see, I don't have a camera, which is very very sad cause I loveee taking pictures, that's also the reason why my blog doesn't really have pictures.
Do you know Bestari's Indomee is humping awesome possum? This picture is taken by Albert with his uber awesome possum camera with the awesome possum fish eye lens. I think now you know why he call me possum.

We went to Starbucks before going to see Reza Salleh's performance at Groove Junction. Notice the Rubik Cube? Yea, that's the little evil thing that bugs me all the time now.

Then I decided to play with that gadget that fascinates me always, the camera.

The fish eye lens is damn fun.

It makes the drink look huuuge!

My little fish eye moment.

Albert's little fish eye moment.

Thanks Albert, for being a great buddy and sent me these pics , and stop calling me a possum you whacky monkey!! hahaha

Damn... I still can't solve the Rubik cube, AARRGGHHH....


albert said...

Stop calling me monkey! *zaps the possum*

missorangedepp said...

Stop calling me possum!! *zaps the monkey*

albert said...

*takes out a blower!*