Tuesday, November 06, 2007

and I'd give up 4ever to touch u,coz I know that u feel me somehow,u're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be and I dun want to go home right now

mood: happy.
listening to : Our song.

My sayang,Tiffany, sent me a halloween card from Buffalo :) whoopeedoo... thanks sayng that's so sweet of you, I was literally jumping around the house when I saw it on the table, where my mum put it.

It's one month and three days since the day me and my sayang got together, the guy sayang, not tiff. (me and tiff both agreed upon that we can't be lesbo partners, it'll spoil our friendship and hence is a big no-no)


Let's watch another random movie and laugh at it, like we always do, but please no more farting zombie sheeps.

Let's go to subway again, where we first had dinner together.

Let's burn a cd of our songs and play it in my car and we could sing loudly along, doesn't matter if your car can't play cd, I love your car, old school sial.

Let's go to breakers and the curve again, this you know why *wink*

Let's go to kinokuniya and borders, yes, again, cause we both just love books and being in a bookshop so much.

Let's tune into light & easy or mix fm again, cause we are just so in love corny love songs are the only type of songs that we seem to be able to relate to.

Let's walk around in circles again, cause that's when we are the lamest and that's funny, we both love our lameness.

Let's come up with random ideas, cause we are random and lame like that, like you say, it's just you and me against the world.

Let's just chill in the car and talk and stare into each other's eyes and talk again, hug me tight, cause that's when I know I'm safe with you and that you are different from any other guy.

Let's have a friendster comment war again, for that is how it all started.

Let's have a lot more months like this, cause i know you can't get enough of me.... okay, I can't get enough of you too.

Happy One month baby, I love you.

Our starbucks day.

Take one
Take two.

Okay, I give up... - - "

Sayang playing "dear bobby" on Monkeyman's guitar.

My sayang on drums, damn hot, seriously.

Where I feel safe.

Found this in Toy'r'us... haha...

This is what happens when you put two camwhores together.

Our candids.

First attempt: Failed, oopsy blurry.


Why do stars collide into each other?


Because... Stars are blind!



Tiffany Toh said...

"Let's go to breakers and the curve again, this you know why *wink*"

OMFG!!! janice tong!! did you have sex in the bathroom of both places stated above??!?!!?!?!?!?!?

missorangedepp said...

nooo... we just made out there la, but... that's actually not a bad idea sayang, what say you baby?