Monday, November 19, 2007

These fancy things, will never come in between,you're part of my entity ,here for infinity

mood: okay i guess.
listening to: umbrella (acoustic) - marie digby

Got my I-20 today, and I'm one step closer to New York. The letter says that I need to be there before 7th January 2008, that's pretty fast huh? I still have so many things to settle - air ticket, confirming accomodation with tiff, filling up my health background form, applying for visa (this is an headache) and stuff like that.

After our usual curry mee and red ruby fix at little penang klcc today, ramco and I was talking in the car, then I looked at my I-20, and I said "Gosh... I'm finally going..." then he squeezed my hand and said "Baby, promise me, don't cheat on me?" I look at him and smiled and said I won't. He smiled back at me, but as he smiled, I saw his eyes, they are sad. It finally hits him, after looking at my acceptance e-mail & I-20, that I'm leaving soon. The hugs he gave me these past few weeks were extra tight, the kisses were extra passionate and the stares were extra loving. I kissed him on his cheek and hug him while he drove on, I knew he needed that.

The most random things always happen when I'm with Ramco. We went to a mamak at melawati for dinner, only finding ourselves walking into a set of a tv series. According to him , it's a malay tv series about police, which he said is lame. It was so random, so we just sat in the mamak and ate our naan with tandoori chicken while watching them shooting for next week episode. The worker that always speaks cantonese to me looked really cheerful today, i guess he was on screen, haha... I'm going to miss these moment, these random moments with him that I cherish so much. How I wish I could bring him over to buffalo, if only I could.

I know things will work out for us, and i have faith in us, I'm not sad, I'm just gonna miss you so much.

One good thing about leaving though... I need to get out of this house asap, staying here any longer will turn me psycho.

Oh yea, Chili's was closed today, god knows why. I miss the mushroom swiss burger again :p

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