Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Mood: Bored
Listening To: Lights and Sounds- Yellowcard (I just love them I don't know why)

Well, stranded here in The Web, main campus again...... Crystal back home, Uthzz sleeping in Sandra's house, Kelly...I don't know, Li-mae in class...hmph, It's just me and my blog then.

* I finished my "digital Fortress" in 2 and a 1/2 days, muakakaka......Now reading "Deception Point". Well, "Digital Fortress" is awesome but I still think "Angels and Demons" is the best. If Li-mae is addicted to Harry Potter ( and *ahem* santa), then I'm a Dan brown version of her.

* I painted my nails orange, I just love orange! Okie, I know many people want to ask me this same question I answered over and over again, "Why Do Janice Tong Love Orange So Much To The Extend Of Becoming An Orange Fanatic?" Well, here's the answer- I love orange because it symbolize life , enthusiasm , happiness, joy, healthy and many other positive things.And oranges are yummy!!! There you have it, that's why I love Orange.

* I tried that face recognition thing Li-mae suggested in her blog, it turns out all my results are mostly korean or japanese stars, like BoA,Utada Hikaru(Who appeared in all the results I get),Choi-ji woo(appeared in all the results too), Ayumi Hamasaki (What!!??), Lucy Liu (wow!Appeared a lot of times),Jang Nara (Har??73%?),Song Hye-kyo (haha!71%),Ashton Kutcher (What the! 63% appear twice!),Tim Burton ( There must be something wrong!),Stephen Chow (hahahhhaha......), Jay Chou ( Oh my god...),Bonnie Pink ( who is she? appeared more then twice) and (oh my god!) Lee young-ae!!!!! Hahaha.... do I have the Japanese or Korean look, I don't know, but it was sure fun trying out that website, Ichiban ne,thx mae!!!

Okie, gotta go for the bus, blog some other time soon, Sayonara , matane!

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