Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stop,turn,take a look around...

Stop,Turn, Take a look around......

Listening to:Yellowcard-Words,Hands,Hearts(Just bought the cd...ahha)

Yippie...I'm in such a good mood today!!!Not gonna list down what I did for the whole day coz that's not the point of blogging.

Persons that I find sexy:
*~ people with creative minds(ooooohhlala...)
*~ people who have originality (like Johnny Depp, haha... hate copycats,hate wannabes)
*~ people who are serious bout their professions ( like forensic scientists... haha, too much CSI)
*~ people who are comfortable with their bodies( say...beyonce? without her, there will be no bootylicious)
*~ people with confidence(who can deny that a great confident smile isn't gorgeous)

I wanna be sexy that way! Not skimpy outfit, not stick thin, not like clones

Things I got addicted to recently:
*~Johnny Depp (Obviously!)
*~Orange (even more obvious!)
*~Dan Brown
*~Red bean ice-cream potong
*~Saying "Whee..." when excited
*~Calling my female friends honey,babe,sweet heart,etc. (don't get me wrong,I'm not lesbian)
*~Reading other people's blog
*~Mini Coopers
*~Hugging people

Life is great, even there are ups and downs, I love being alive, to be able to love, to be able to breath, to be able to eat (heehee...)!Most important, to be able to FEEL.

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