Thursday, May 11, 2006


When you want it the most there's no easy way out;When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt;Don't give up on your faith,Love comes to those who believe it,And that's the way it is...
Mood: Relieved
Listening To: I Believe In You - Il Divo Feat Celine Dion
Yea, I know, that's a pretty long title , but I love it ;)
So...yea, still in holiday, not going to be in college till next week.
For 5 nights, I've been alone at home for my mum was either
* having nights out with her girl friends
*having some important dinner
I had to settle dinner by myself
AND I didn't really had any proper dinner these few days
Because, being Janice, I had these stuff for dinner these 5 nights:
* Half a Tub of Ice-cream
* Pizza (I'm a Domino's Fan)
* Instant Noodles
* Yogurt Breakfast Bar (Haha...)
* Some Left Over Dishes
* And some other junkies that I can't even remember
Haha... kind of miss my mum's cooking...
So here I am, alone again,just me and my laptop,sweet...
I decided to try that "month baby" thing
Since seems like everyone has tried it
I'm a July Babe...
~Fun to be with (I wish I am...)
~Secretive (Kind Of)
~Difficult to fathom and to be understood (Whoa...I like that...)
~Quiet unless excited or tensed (So true! )
~Takes pride in oneself (Yeap...)
~Has reputation (I don't know bout this one - -'' )
~Easily consoled (Very,yea baby,very)
~Honest (Let's just say my emotions are very obvious)
~Concern about people's feelings (aha aha..)
~Tactful (erm... should be)
~Friendly ( Depends, haha...)
~Approachable (Yea, as long as that person who approach me is not some weird stalker)
~Very emotional (Extremely)
~Temperamental and unpredictable (I'm guilty for this)
~Moody and easily hurt (Guilty...)
~Witty and sparky (heehee...not sure if I am)
~Sentimental (ooohhh...Sexy...)
~Not revengeful (Yeap,basically, I'll just forgive after I cried)
~Forgiving but never forgets (Hmm...half true, I'll remember if someone reminds me)
~Dislike nonsensical and unnecessary things (Not really me)
~Guides others physically and mentally (Do I?)
~Sensitive and forms impressions carefully (yeap, not gonna deny that)
~Caring and loving (Definitely yes, Thye, right?)

~Treats others equally ( I always try my best to suceed in doing that)
~Strong sense of sympathy (YES!! Especially to animals!)
~Wary and sharp ( Sometimes...)
~Judge people through observations (Of course! I'm against judging a book by its cover)
~Hardworking (Not really, only when I'm serious bout the job)
~No difficulties in studying(SO NOT TRUE!!)
~Loves to be alone (Sometimes...I need to have quality time for myself to think)
~Always broods about the past and the old friends (Yea...that's me)
~Likes to be quiet (Not really, I speak when I have a thought)
~Homely person (When I'm physically or mentally tired...sometimes both)
~Waits for friends (Always...)
~Never looks for friends (No! Objection!)
~Not aggressive unless provoked (Very me!)
~Prone to having stomach and dieting problems (Yes and I hate it)
~Loves to be loved (Well, who doesn't?)
~Easily hurt but takes long to recover (Yes...unfortunately yes)
~Overly concerned (depends...)
~Puts in effort in work (When I'm interested in the work)
So there you have it.....*TADAHHH* July Babe Janice,whee...!!!
Ok, I seriously was bored...

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