Monday, March 19, 2007

They've been swimming in the wrong water, now they're pulling me down, but I am clinging to you, never letting go, cos I know that you'll lift me out.

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Listening to: Lifeline - Brooke Fraser

Life with Tiffany, Pau and Jin is always filled with action packed adventures.

Last night, after our Hartamas session with Pau & Jin, I drove Tiff down to Klang to see Sean, cause they miss each other so much and Tiff wanted to surprise Sean and ... Okay that's not the point.

So when we were driving back from Klang...

Tiff: FUCK! I left my keys in Jin's car! and my mum don't know that I'm out this late! (it was 4am)

So after a few phone calls, and since Jin wasn't picking up his phone, we decided to drive to his house and try to wake him up so that we could get the keys. Well I've only been to his house once but I could still kind of remember the way to his house.

We reached there and the gate was locked. So I decided to climb over the gate and only to find myself at a wrong front door. So I told Tiff to wait outside while I climbed over to the next house, which was a wrong one too. And so I climbed again, this time, I was at Jin's house's front door .

After that, I opened the gate and let Tiff in.I remembered that Jin has this spare key in one of the shoes, so we sneaked in after we found the key.

Once we were in, we looked around and found Jin's phone on the table downstairs and he was upstairs.

Stupid boy!!!! *##@^^&$#%^$#@.....

Just as we were cursing, we heard footstep... "Hailat!" was the exact word in my mind. So Tiff hid under the stairs and me behide a sofa, then I saw this hairless leg coming down from the stairs and it was Jin and we couldn't help it but gasped out loudly "Thank god la!"

The look on Jin's face was priceless. Just priceless, it's worth more than anything.

Next time, keep your phone near you, and remember to take your keys before you leave any place.


Tiffany Toh said...

i swear i will never leave my keys in jin's car ever again.. =) it was fun though.. we should do this more often..

Missorangedepp said...

haha.... good idea! next house...Pau's !!!

Pau said...

providing you find my key :)

td said...

waddahel..the world isn't safe any longer..

missorangedepp said...

What are you talking about Tim? The world is never safe anyway ;)