Friday, March 30, 2007

I want to thank you for being a part of my forget-me-nots and marigolds, and all the things that don't get old.

Mood: Great.
Listening To : Let's Get Fucked Up And Die - Motion City Soundtrack (awesome song, go check it out.)

According to Pau, I used to give out this "I'm goth and I'm cool, but I don't like you" vibe.
According to Tiffany, I say "Okie" in a very cute way.
According to Jin, I'm a very good sister.
According to Tim, I'm the goddess of lame.
According to Sean, he's hot, which I don't agree...
wait, that's not my point.
According to Faye, I'm sweet and cute *got all shy and hide at a corner*
According to Jen, she loves my Hong Kong canton accent.
According to Crystal, I changed.
According to Uthzz, I got nice ass. (Go ahead laugh)
According to me...

I love all of them for they are such good friends.
You know what I realized these few days?

Janice , Jin, Pau, Tiffany.

2 of us have boobs, 2 of us have penis.
2 of us are single, 2 of us are in a relationship
2 of us drive kembara, 2 of us don't.
2 of us are in single parent family, 2 of us are in normal family.
2 of us can speak mandarin, 2 of us couldn't.
2 of us got into an accident within the last three months, 2 of us didn't.
2 of us are still in ADP, 2 of us don't.
2 of us always wear watches , 2 of us don't
(Jin's doesn't count, cause his watch always points at 6.30, it's spoilt.)
2 of us go to Hong Kong often, 2 of us don't.
2 of us are DotA-ing , 2 of us are not.
(I'm at a cyber cafe with Jin and Pau)
2 of us had sneaked into someone's house, 2 of us didn't.
2 of us share the same phone model, 2 of us are using different phones.
2 of us used to study in Klang, 2 of us didn't.
2 of us have brothers at home, 2 of us have sisters.

I wonder why am I so free,
my procrastinating skill is getting better.
Not good.


Pau said...

you forgot to write how awesome i am :P

sean said...

but sean IS hot, no?

Tiffany Toh said...

you forgot to write how awesome i am as well..
you should add one more:
two of us are awesome (namely tiff and pau) and two of us are not!

ohoh, one more:
two of us are lame( namely janice and jin), and two of us are not!

lol.. miss you.. and yes, sean is hot!

td said...

*laughs at the nice ass statement*
mine's nicer. ask sean =)

missorangedepp said...

Pau:Yeaaa rriiggghhhttt....
Sean: Ok, fine, whatever makes you happy my dear vain friend
Tiffany: Haha...but I'm awesome too! yea, I miss you too la,hugz and muackz
Timollie: Eh! Mine nicer, ask Tiff