Friday, September 07, 2007

And if I haver, whatever the fuck that means,I'm gonna be the man who havers next you

mood: I miss u.
Listening to: I would walk 500 miles - Less Than Jake

Random things that I wanna say these past few days:

Zouk was friggin awesome!!!

No one messes with my friends! No one, I don't care if you are hot or pretty or gorgeous, if you mess with my friends, I'll freaking beat you up spartan style!

People, if you do not dance, then please move away from the dance floor! there's no place to dance and still people stand there and just stare at other people. PUH-LEASE, if you don't dance, move! so we can dance happily without being squashed.

Guys, "you look familiar, can I buy you a drink?" is NOT a good pick up line, seriously.

I miss my sayang :(

State University of New York, Buffalo replied me! I'm not accepted yet , but at least I know they received my documents. Now I have an application status page, gosh I'm so excited.

Happy Birthday Pau!

I keep bumping into my primary school / Villa Flora friends! It's amazing how we were seperated and never keep contact but somehow we are still link to each other in some ways. Yoke Jia, Daphne, Zhuo Hao, Shawn, Min Sheng, Diyana, Syuhada, Hyo Sun, Jasmine... gosh, it IS a small world.

Britney's new song is ok, matchbox 20's new song is goood!

I love Malaysia for the food and mamak and different languages swear words shared among races, other than these...nothing... okay fine, maybe pirated dvds too. No, Samyvellu, I don't love you.

Johnny's new movie coming soon!!!! Sweeney Todd, coolio...

I'm taking China Airline to Taiwan on Sunday... Oh no.....

okay, I'm sleepy, ta!

I miss you.

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