Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This moment is perfect, please don't go away, I need you now,and I'll hold on to it, don't you let it pass you by...

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Heroes is back with season 2!
I was so humping excited about it, i even left my laptop on when I was away in college so that I could watch it right when I reach home...

but NO, my brother just have to switch the modem off when he left for school and my download process was left at 63%. So I switched on the modem and keep myself occupied while waiting.
Well , Margaret Cho kept me entertained but waiting for youtube to load the videos takes time too, so I did this...

It's a site where you can mix & match clothes and stuff like that and create outfits! I had so much fun choosing the clothes and assessories it almost felt like shopping, except that I cant try them on. Ah, such indulgence! How I wish that I'm studying fashion designing and indulge in this kind of fun every single day, I really don't mind if that means dealing with difficult clients or long working hours.

After some Margaret Cho videos, some mix and matching outfits and some delicious green-tea-red-bean-paste mooncake, my heroes season 2 episode 1 is ready like over-cooked Char Siew. I devoured it like fat uncle swallows fatty pork, and maaaan, the show never let me down, it's oh-so-god-damn-humping good, seriously, go watch it.

Right, back to what I was suppose to blog about few days ago.

Taiwan was awesome and the whole experience was interesting, I don't really have much picture here with me, but heck, let's make this ...

My Taiwan Trip Part 1

This is us.

These are the girls. Don't have to see la, no hot one. Cute ones maybe.

This is us at the confucius temple. Yea, they have a temple where you can worship that old dude who is always pretty confusing.

I have no idea what they were doing.

My group left me alone with the other malaysian participants, how nice of them, they even turned around and took a picture of me then continued walking off, leaving me behind waiting for a green light to go, how nice. Actually it's okay, since I'm friend with the other participants too.

This is us during practices.

Shopping time! waiting for people who are late.

This is the vegetarian food buffet we went to, which totally doesn't seem vegetarian at all, but i swear to Johnny Depp these are 100% vegetarian food and tasty too.

This is five of us having mee-suah, best mee-suah I ever tasted, seriously. I'm so craving for it now.

This is one of the night markets we went. In Taiwan, you find the most delicious food in the night markets I spent 3 hours in this one trying different food, when I was out of there I was bloated with satisfaction.

honestly, I prefer candid pictures rather than those posed ones.

Then I was back in Malaysia , classes or 2 days and off I go again, this time, to REDANG!

Me, Haruka & Estee.

In our room. If you think because this is a college trip the room gotta be sucky, you're very wrong. We stayed in Laguna Beach Resort, which is beautiful, rooms are comfy and nice, and the food is pretty good.

The more more tea house, as in that house which was in that movie Sammy Cheng and what's-his-name-again starred in, "Summer Holiday" or “夏日的么么茶".

Dinner time. Geez, that BBQ beef is awesome, but those kiasu aunty and uncle from mainland China wasn't, but we still had a great dinner.

They served this buncho-water-color-looking drink, syrup bandung I think, which actually tasted good.

I bought this wrap thing while waiting for the ferry at the jetty. It's pretty and the flower on it is ORANGE, why did you think I got it anyway?

Siu Yok Haruka, Roasted Chicken Estee, Char Siew Me & Roasted Pig PA,Ryan.

Haruka & Bryan, two of the people I got to know better during the trip.

The squirrel or whatever it is that climbed into Bryan's room. Someone please tell me that this picture doesn't look wrong cause I can't stop laughing at it!

Yea, so that was my two weeks of travelling, shweet. Work that I need to pass up when I'm back in college, not so sweet. I miss Taiwan and Redang already. Like what I saw on Ms. Su Ann's whiteboard today, Taylor's should consider having a Redang campus or even Langkawi Campus, that would be diabetic sweet, mmhmm...

And now you have no guts to tell me what I had told you?


Tiffany Toh said...

i still cannot believe you went to redang without me.. BLAH!!!

missorangedepp said...

Woman! I still cannot believe you went to Buffalo without me! hahahaa.... aww now I feel guilty, come back la, miss you like mad sayang.