Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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I have no idea why, maybe because after my taiwan trip, I feel like writing a post in chinese

Taiwan was awesome possum, but cause I haven't got all the pictures yet I've decided to blog bout it the next time. Sharing a funny story wouldn't hurt though.

Louis, he's a guy from Australia whom I met during the competition. Nice guy he is. On the day of my team, the Malaysia team, leaving Taiwan, he was there in the airport. See, the people there prepared some apples for us to have as breakfast but we really couldn't finish them, so we passed the bag of apples back to Louis, who will be going back to where we stayed at after sending us off.
Louis, 他是一位我在比赛当中认识的一位澳洲参赛者。他真的很好人。在马来西亚离开台湾的那一天,他也在机场。主办单位准备了一些苹果给我们当早餐用,但实在是太多苹果了,我们都吃不完,所以呢,我们就把那袋苹果交给了Louis,因为他在送了我们走之后会回到我们住的地方。

Louis didn't want to hold the bag of apples and so I dared him to distribute the apples around the airport to strangers, which he immediately agreed, and insisted that I have to join him. Despite the fact of my teacher forcing us to stay at the same place together, I decided to go distribute those apples with him.

We managed to give all the apples away, how, you asked? Well, we kept telling them that we are from Malaysia and we cant finish our apples and we are late for out flight, plus lines like "an apple a day is healthy" & "It's free" which worked really well. Yea, we even call this day the "apple distributing day".

到最后我们把苹果都分完了,想知道我们是怎样把所有的苹果分出去的吗?我们就是告诉他们说我们是马来西亚来的,买了苹果吃不完,而且又要迟上飞机了所以请他们帮我们解决掉苹果。再加上我们不停的跟他们说“一天一粒苹果对身体好”和 “这是免费的”,这两句其实是最好用的。我和Louis还决定把今天定成“分苹果日”,哈哈。

Well Louis, if you're reading this, I had fun distributing those apples , we should do that again in some other airport, hahaa... I wish to see you again, keeep in touch alright?

Damn, I miss taiwan already.



Tiffany Toh said...

glad you had fun there sayang!!

missorangedepp said...

Sayang! wish you were there too la, we would had gone crazy and shop like spoiled brats, things are friggin cheap la.